Some Funny and Unique Photos in the State of the White Elephant

Some Funny and Unique Photos in the State of the White Elephant – I want to ask what in your mind if you hear the name of Thailand, surely in your mind that says a paradise for beautiful scenery, dark nights and the best horror films. not only that, maybe some people will think about the handsome Mario Maurer. Some may be reminded of the language and dialect that sounds unique. Not a few who smiled sweetly because they remembered the lady boy, hehe.

Before discussing further I will provide information about the country of Thailand, Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy located in Southeast Asia. With the Constitutional Monarchy system of government, the Head of State of Thailand is a King and the Head of Government is a Prime Minister. The total area of Thailand is 513,120 km2 with a population of 68,615,858 inhabitants (2018). The majority of Thai residents are ethnic Thai and Buddhist.

Some Funny and Unique Photos in the State of the White Elephant

But compared to other Asian countries, this country called the white elephant has unique and interesting things to look at, below are some interesting photos to look at, check it out …

The signs are confused, especially the passing

In the hands of a Thai electric scientist

Meanwhile in Thailand

Home sweet home

Save gas

Chained so that the car does not come off, you know this dog is fierce?

In Thailand, ATMs are reaching us, not the other way around

Outbound training

Caper dog

When you enter the toilet, look at this. You will immediately think hard

Hah? What is a flood?

Don’t want to deal with monkeys

Only in Thailand there are anti-mugging services

The only place on earth to see panda crocodiles

Why is the Elephant as a national symbol

Thailand has a nickname as the State of the White Elephant. That’s because elephants, especially white elephants are Thailand’s national animals. Elephants in Thai are called Chang. One of the main reasons for establishing elephants as a symbol of Thailand is inseparable from the culture of the local community. They admire the extraordinary strength, endurance, and longevity of elephants.

Some Funny and Unique Photos in the State of the White Elephant


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