Funny videos about kids whose motorbikes are on the ticket

Funny videos about kids whose motorbikes are on the ticket – The number of videos circulating of a child who cried when his motorcycle was ticketed by the police father, but instead of looking sorry, it even looks funny because a lot of the behavior of the children when on a ticket. There are handlebars rocked while crying, there are those who hold the seat of the motorcycle so they are not under the police officer and many more.

Funny videos about kids whose motorbikes are on the ticket

Indeed, children today who are not old enough to ride a motorbike, many roam the small streets and even on the highway. Because it can endanger the child and other people, and not only that small children should ride a motorcycle instead. Because small children cannot yet know the procedures for driving and there is also no driver’s license, so that makes the police have to ticket the motorbike so that the child is red or for his parents not to be given by his children to ride a motorcycle alone.

Driving on the highway may already be an activity that is often done by people. Although it looks easy and has become a daily routine, but two-wheeled driving must pay attention to various aspects you know. Need high concentration to be able to drive well. A little out of focus can be fatal to an accident.

Traffic raid

Because of the importance of safety in driving, the police have also established various regulations. This driving regulation governs many things starting with the preparation that must be done, and the driver’s obligations while on the highway. For example, the obligation to wear a helmet, safety first, pay attention to the speed of the vehicle and so forth. Nevertheless, there are still many people who are not aware of obeying the traffic rules that have been made. Many of them are still often lazy to wear helmets to the speeding on the highway.

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