Funny Stories About Altitude Workers

Funny Stories About Altitude Workers – As a worker who has worker responsibilities, of course he will do the best job possible. No matter how to overcome obstacles faced by workers, such as a worker repairing traffic lights or others. If we know that all the red lights must be at a height that is on a high pole so that it can be seen from a distance by motorists. But what if the red light is broken, and for sure the fiction part will do it. But you have never thought about how the workers fix red lights or hit something high up.

Funny Stories About Altitude Workers

But for workers who have sophisticated tools, we will feel that it is normal, but what if we are in a place or country where high-altitude workers do not have adequate tools. But do you know that even though the workers do not have adequate tools, they have ideas or creative thoughts in their work. It’s not just a matter of traffic lights. Many workers whose jobs involve height problems. But in the end, this height problem was solved in an odd way using makeshift tools or in a reckless way.

Workers’ silly behavior

Below are some funny portraits of workers coping with heights:

  1. The reckless act of repairing a toilet pipe in a tall building
  2. Here’s how workers handle heights when fixing traffic lights with a teamwork
  3. It looks scary when the friend on the other side suddenly walks away
  4. Tidy up plants with a lawn mower lifted by a crane
  5. Just a little mistake, it can be a nightmare for the painting worker
  6. Cars can also be used as a foundation to overcome height problems while working
  7. Sometimes it takes a creative way to make the job easy to solve this kind of height problem