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Funny Stories About Altitude Workers

Funny Stories About Altitude Workers

Funny Stories About Altitude Workers – As a worker who has worker responsibilities, of course he will do the best job possible. No matter how to overcome obstacles faced by workers, such as a worker repairing traffic lights or others. If we know that all the red lights must be at a height that is on a high pole so that it can be seen from a distance by motorists. But what if the red light is broken, and for sure the fiction part will do it. But you have never thought about how the workers fix red lights or hit something high up.

Funny Stories About Altitude Workers

But for workers who have sophisticated tools, we will feel that it is normal, but what if we are in a place or country where high-altitude workers do not have adequate tools. But do you know that even though the workers do not have adequate tools, they have ideas or creative thoughts in their work. It’s not just a matter of traffic lights. Many workers whose jobs involve height problems. But in the end, this height problem was solved in an odd way using makeshift tools or in a reckless way.

Workers’ silly behavior

Below are some funny portraits of workers coping with heights:

  1. The reckless act of repairing a toilet pipe in a tall building
  2. Here’s how workers handle heights when fixing traffic lights with a teamwork
  3. It looks scary when the friend on the other side suddenly walks away
  4. Tidy up plants with a lawn mower lifted by a crane
  5. Just a little mistake, it can be a nightmare for the painting worker
  6. Cars can also be used as a foundation to overcome height problems while working
  7. Sometimes it takes a creative way to make the job easy to solve this kind of height problem
Funny videos about kids whose motorbikes are on the ticket

Funny videos about kids whose motorbikes are on the ticket

Funny videos about kids whose motorbikes are on the ticket – The number of videos circulating of a child who cried when his motorcycle was ticketed by the police father, but instead of looking sorry, it even looks funny because a lot of the behavior of the children when on a ticket. There are handlebars rocked while crying, there are those who hold the seat of the motorcycle so they are not under the police officer and many more.

Funny videos about kids whose motorbikes are on the ticket

Indeed, children today who are not old enough to ride a motorbike, many roam the small streets and even on the highway. Because it can endanger the child and other people, and not only that small children should ride a motorcycle instead. Because small children cannot yet know the procedures for driving and there is also no driver’s license, so that makes the police have to ticket the motorbike so that the child is red or for his parents not to be given by his children to ride a motorcycle alone.

Driving on the highway may already be an activity that is often done by people. Although it looks easy and has become a daily routine, but two-wheeled driving must pay attention to various aspects you know. Need high concentration to be able to drive well. A little out of focus can be fatal to an accident.

Traffic raid

Because of the importance of safety in driving, the police have also established various regulations. This driving regulation governs many things starting with the preparation that must be done, and the driver’s obligations while on the highway. For example, the obligation to wear a helmet, safety first, pay attention to the speed of the vehicle and so forth. Nevertheless, there are still many people who are not aware of obeying the traffic rules that have been made. Many of them are still often lazy to wear helmets to the speeding on the highway.

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Some Funny and Unique Photos in the State of the White Elephant

Some Funny and Unique Photos in the State of the White Elephant – I want to ask what in your mind if you hear the name of Thailand, surely in your mind that says a paradise for beautiful scenery, dark nights and the best horror films. not only that, maybe some people will think about the handsome Mario Maurer. Some may be reminded of the language and dialect that sounds unique. Not a few who smiled sweetly because they remembered the lady boy, hehe.

Before discussing further I will provide information about the country of Thailand, Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy located in Southeast Asia. With the Constitutional Monarchy system of government, the Head of State of Thailand is a King and the Head of Government is a Prime Minister. The total area of Thailand is 513,120 km2 with a population of 68,615,858 inhabitants (2018). The majority of Thai residents are ethnic Thai and Buddhist.

Some Funny and Unique Photos in the State of the White Elephant

But compared to other Asian countries, this country called the white elephant has unique and interesting things to look at, below are some interesting photos to look at, check it out …

The signs are confused, especially the passing

In the hands of a Thai electric scientist

Meanwhile in Thailand

Home sweet home

Save gas

Chained so that the car does not come off, you know this dog is fierce?

In Thailand, ATMs are reaching us, not the other way around

Outbound training

Caper dog

When you enter the toilet, look at this. You will immediately think hard

Hah? What is a flood?

Don’t want to deal with monkeys

Only in Thailand there are anti-mugging services

The only place on earth to see panda crocodiles

Why is the Elephant as a national symbol

Thailand has a nickname as the State of the White Elephant. That’s because elephants, especially white elephants are Thailand’s national animals. Elephants in Thai are called Chang. One of the main reasons for establishing elephants as a symbol of Thailand is inseparable from the culture of the local community. They admire the extraordinary strength, endurance, and longevity of elephants.

Some Funny and Unique Photos in the State of the White Elephant


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Some Photos of Cute Animal Behavior

Some Photos of Cute Animal Behavior

Some Photos of Cute Animal Behavior –

You know that not seeing funny pictures can make the stress in our brains disappear, especially if we look at photos of cute and cute animal behavior.

Sometimes we are surprised by the ridiculous behavior that was captured by a camera shot. The various poses that exist will definitely make you unable to stop laughing. The uniqueness of the photo of the animal can also make you not understand the behavior that tends to be unique.

Some of them also act like humans. There are even those who can describe the problems of our daily lives.

Not only human babies that look funny if in front of the camera it turns out there are animals that are also funny and cute and make it fun.

Some Photos of Cute Animal Behavior

Well below are some funny photos of animals that make us smile when they see them;

  1. Cat with a hat

    a photo of a cat wearing a hat that looks cute and shiny
  2. The squirrel says stop

    Squirrel pose as if to say stop
  3. photo of a dog with a melon hat

    A funny and innocent photo of a dog with a melon hat
  4. curious squirrel
    curious squirrel
    The first funny animal image made me come from a squirrel’s curiosity. When they want to be photographed, the squirrel is even curious about the camera.
  5. Animal Meeting

    The ones who can meet are not just humans, animals also have the right to do it. Like this one. What are they chatting about, huh?

A photo of a cat contemplating fate

Even though they seem to be contemplating the past, the picture above can fit into the category of cute cat pictures making it laugh. What do you think the cat is thinking? How come he seems to have a really serious problem.

Well … maybe we can only guess, who knows the feelings of the cat itself. We have no right to judge him. Poor him, the problem is already a lot, it’s not good if we discuss the shame.

Accidentally Taking Photos of Animals

Capturing a photograph of an animal can never be planned or deliberate because all the behavior of the animals goes by itself.

Then why humans can capture these images?
Maybe when you are free or after an activity or while you are relaxing, you accidentally see an animal acting cute.

Indirectly when you are playing online gambling, say and you accidentally see an animal that is behaving abnormally, it can be a funny moment.

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Some funny photos of events in public places

Some funny photos of events in public places

Some funny photos of events in public places

Maybe some of you are looking for entertainment by looking at funny video events that can make you laugh. Indeed a variety of unexpected events can be a funny thing if you imagine again. Something that happens to other people sometimes does not cause feelings of pity or compassion, but it becomes humor that is worth laughing at.

The following are various funny incidents in public that were caught on camera:

1. Menu List

Some funny photos of events in public places

Many places to eat certainly have a list of menus installed above the store so that visitors who are in line can see from a distance. But you have to install it according to distance, do not like in this photo. Poor the visitors must look in a strange style.

2. Creepy?

Some funny photos of events in public places

For women passing through hordes of men while nonkrong is a test that must be passed. Must be brave and strong mentally when tempted, like the photo. For those who feel it might be scary, but if we see in the photo it feels funny because imagine the tension of the woman.

3. Trapped

Some funny photos of events in public places

Indeed, sometimes not only men who are careless, women are also many who are less thorough, as in the photo there are two women riding together trapped in the mud. Try to imagine how could he enter the road full of mud?

4. Confusing Traffic Signs

Some funny photos of events in public places

As you can see in the picture there might not be anything strange. But try to note the signs on the side. Stop signs are prohibited on the red light section, so should road users continue when the traffic lights are red?

5. Police

Some funny photos of events in public places

According to you after seeing the photo above, the police want a ticket or just lazy to put your feet down? If the intention is just lazy to put your feet down, it’s a shame that the couple must be trembling.

6. Face Mask

Some funny photos of events in public places

Who says facial masks can only be used while sleeping? See the funny photo above, this man uses a face mask when riding a motorcycle. Just think positively, maybe not to be exposed to sunlight.

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Failed Selfie Photos That Will Make You Laugh

Failed Selfie Photos That Will Make You Laugh

Failed Selfie Photos That Will Make You Laugh

Indeed, today technology is very sophisticated and social media has more and more users in various countries. Because of the sophistication of cell phones now that have a front camera feature, many people are narcissistic. And social media is now a place where humans show off.

Failed Selfie Photos That Will Make You Laugh

It is not wrong indeed if you capture social media photos for many people to see, but it would be better if the photo is an original photo not just a drama, like the photos below. Many people take selfies but get caught by surprising things that will make you laugh.

1. Unintentional lying found out

Failed Selfie Photos That Will Make You Laugh

A woman dressed in white intentionally took a selfie with her glasses to look like she was on a blazing highway. But the funny thing is the caption of the woman who said “traffic ugh”, while there was a reflection in her sunglasses that the road was very smooth.

2. Shocking Reflective Glasses

Failed Selfie Photos That Will Make You Laugh

In this photo, there was nothing at first that looked strange or funny, because it only revealed a woman with her selfie sunglasses, but if you noticed there was a reflection on the woman’s glasses that showed her browsing history. Gosh, you might be very embarrassed if you see it.

3. Wefie

Failed Selfie Photos That Will Make You Laugh

This funny photo is not a selfie but a wefie. Seen in the photo there are some people in the same uniform who may be a team taking a photo together, but the strangeness began to be seen in the right corner, there was a stranger in the photo.

4. Photo with the police

Failed Selfie Photos That Will Make You Laugh

Maybe the photo with the police is a proud photo, especially if you can take photos as close as possible to look like relatives. But in this funny photo, there are two young men who are in selfie, and a policeman who is among them is not cool but looks annoyed. Maybe these two young men were very cranky before.

5. Thorough Before Photo Upload

Failed Selfie Photos That Will Make You Laugh

Suggestions for you to research more photos that you want to upload. Do not like the photo above, it looks like it has been quite a selfie attack, but there is another spot that he did not pay attention to that is the makeup mirror that shows its strange face when photographed.

Also read other funny stories : Various Funny Photos in Africa

Various Funny Photos in Africa

Various Funny Photos in Africa

Various Funny Photos in Africa

Africa is the second largest continent that has a variety of cultures and languages. Unlike America which is known to have various modern cities with tall buildings, in Africa there are still many wilderness and even vast deserts. There are still many unique tribes and rare animals that are protected in Africa.

Various Funny Photos in Africa

Because it is still lagging behind the American continent, many funny things in Africa are captured on camera so that it is viral on the internet. These silly and funny photos can only be found in Africa, as follows:

1. Chased by Ostriches

Various Funny Photos in Africa

You certainly know the size of an ostrich can exceed human height if it lives in the wild. And this photo was captured by someone chased by an ostrich. Maybe for us this is very funny and scary at the same time, but in Africa this is a common thing that often happens tablets.

2. Boarding

Various Funny Photos in Africa

As you can see in the photo, many people queue up on a plane but huddle like riding a bus. There was a crowd at the entrance to the plane so it looked like ants waiting in line.

3. Bathing in a Bucket

Various Funny Photos in Africa

You surely know that the climate in Africa is tropical just like in Indonesia, but only people in Africa do something strange and funny but like the picture above. A child soaking in a bucket of water while relaxing eating semangga, maybe it was so hot right now that he had to eat in a water bath.

4. Look for Signals

Various Funny Photos in Africa

Luckily for those of you who live in developed countries with adequate facilities from the government. Try to see the difficulty of this African person in this photo, he must use an antenna to get a telephone signal.

5. Public Toilets

Various Funny Photos in Africa

Do you have public toilets in your country? This ridiculous photo shows the appearance of public toilets in Africa. It is very common because it is on the side of the road without any cover so that it can be seen by the general public.…